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our Team
Raja Stone

He is passionate about the Bible and what it has to say to us today. He loves that the first thing we learn about God is that He is creative, and that God's creation reflects this in diversity and nature's beauty. Raja believes that to fully engage God we need to use our heart, mind and spirit. Raja lives in Waterloo and is married to his wife and best friend Sarah. He is the father of three girls who are not allowed to date until they are married. Raja believes food can never be too spicy, that salt is not a spice, and that in heaven chicken wings will be served all the time. 

Melissa Hakkers

Director of kids Ministries

Melissa has been involved with UCC since the beginning in various roles that needed to be filled. She is the Administrative Director for UCC doing work behind the scenes to make sure events and services run smoothly. She has also accepted a position of Kids Director. She has taken the ECE program and loves working with children. Her hope is that the children in our church will enjoy being part of our church community and grow in faith as they grow in our church. Melissa is the mother of 2 kids that she loves with all of her heart. She loves God and is very thankful for her church community.

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